Comparing prices when shopping online is a product of the IT revolution that has taken the entire world by storm for the simple reason that comparison shopping has never been this easy and less time and energy consuming. Thus, shopping has assumed an unexpected utilitarian and new dimension. The process of comparison shopping has reached the next level, offering indispensable assistance to a customer who is value conscious with price comparisons taking prime importance during online shopping.

Online shopping offers a host of advantages over other methods - one of them being irritations caused due to various reasons. Standing in line, being stomped on your foot, pushed aside by someone unintentionally and the list is endless!

The advantages of online shopping among others offers: stress free shopping where you have a feeling of being offered personalized attention. Price comparison in a mall ensures that the item is instantly yours after a little bit of comparison shopping while the online shopping in today's world as things stand may leave you waiting for a day or two for the item to be delivered.

Who knows tomorrow's science and technology may even bring to your doorstep instantly the products you order during online shopping - just as in the Gene Roddenberry's STAR TREK when products and humans could be teleported. Don't forget price comparison and comparison shopping being left to your computer to decide for you! Yet another innovation in tomorrow's world could probably be that, in this age of visualizations of the virtual world, the next generation could at a click of a button enter into a virtual mall which is a replica of the original when you could navigate virtually through (without being stamped, pushed or even kicked!)

All said and done, if such a thing does happen at all, the valuable human element, rapport and that personal touch would become a missing element. Considering, however, the advantages, the online shopping is sure to continue increasing in popularity. Why delay? Start comparison shopping online now.